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【The Meticulous Body Recovery Program】003

I have always looking for something scientifically proven to support my teaching and practice in Pilates.

Recently, I came across the video series Rewired by Dr Joe Dispenza. In the video, Dr Joe explained how the brain works towards new experiences.

When I teach, I will tell my clients to communicate between their mind and their body. I usually utter in a simple phrase, “talk to your brain, and tell you brain to tell your abs to wake up! ” or “tell your brain to send the signal to your legs to move them.” I keep repeating these because that’s how I tell my brain to communicate with my body.

Sometimes people may think that I am crazy, how can I talk to my own body? I felt glad that I found someone who explained so well about what I have been experiencing with scientifically proven fact. In his video, Dr Joe divided the human brain into 3 parts. The first brain is the thinking brain, and this brain will initiate and enforce new learning. When you are exploring a unique experience, all your five senses blended into the environment, when all the sensory information transmitted to your brain, the jungle of neurons begins to organise themselves in a pattern of network.

Then, now the second brain – the emotional brain begins to create the chemical called a feeling or emotion. The moment you feel unlimited, abundant or free, you are teaching your body chemically to understand what your mind understood.

We know that knowledge is for the mind; the experiences are for the body. When you can create one experience over and over again, you are going to neuro-chemically condition your mind and body to work as one.

Once you have done the same thing for numerous times that your body knows how to do it as well as your mind, it’s second nature, it’s automatic, it became more natural, easy, and familiar to your body.

When you no longer need to think about how to do it consciously, it becomes a subconscious program. You develop a new skill or habit, and you are moving into a new state of being.

When you are doing this repeatedly, you activated your third brain called the cerebellum. This part of the brain is responsible for developing implicit memory. Means when you keep repeating the same things, you’re using your subconscious mind. It is who you are.

If you are new in Pilates, you explore the new learning experience with your first brain, and it programmes the new experience into your mind. Then, you apply it with your body to make your mind and body to work as one. Eventually, you repeat the experience over and over again until you know it by heart.

It is a process from gaining knowledge, experience to wisdom; it’s also the flow of the mind to the body and the soul.

I do believe that each individual has the power to heal themselves. We have the power to reprogram/rewired their mind and body, and we can create a new self!

I am so happy that I found a better way to explain what I wanted to tell my clients! So, are you ready to rewire your brain?

This workshop is specially designed for you:
1. Mothers
2. Fathers
3. Fitness enthusiasts
4. People who want to be a better self

With twelve (12) classes in one month, we are helping you to gain back your self-confidence, say goodbye to the pain, and once again falling in love with your body. Most importantly, reconnecting your body and mind.

The meticulous body recovery program is a simple, easy and effective learning program.

1️⃣From the basic anatomy, you will understand your body structure!
2️⃣From daily practice, you will feel and observe your body in detail!
3️⃣From pilates fundamentals, you will communicate better with your own body!

By practising these three simple steps, you closer to your dream body shape, a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Join now to recover, reclaim and reform your new life!

Starting from 21st September 2020
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8.00pm

全方位精准修复 -003

人的大脑分成三个部分,第一部分,the thinking brain, 是专门接受新体验的。当您在体验新事物的时候,身体的五个感官会接受新事物的信息,传达到大脑之后神经元开始连接起来,再把信息传到第二大脑,the emotional brain。


不断的重复相同的动作,让大脑和身体的连接越来越深,这个时候身体和大脑就自动的会变成无意识的重复相同的动作。让身体无意识的做一个动作的是第三个部分,the cerebellum. 当你一直无意识的重复相同的事情,这事情就变成一个习惯或技能。

全方位精准修复的原理,也是一样的。如果您是第一次体验某种运动,先要让你的第一个大脑,the thinking brain去接受新的信息,再让第二大脑the emotional brain产生感情带动身体动起来。然后一直重复练习,让第三大脑cerebellum 开始启动,变成一个自然的状态。

1. 专注
2. 控制
3. 呼吸
4. 中心
5. 精准
6. 流畅

这也可以很好的解释了瑜伽里面说的身心灵的结合,the union of body,mind and soul。



1. 当妈的
2. 当爸的
3. 少女/少男
4. 运动爱好者
5. 想变好看的










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