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FREE Posture Analysis on FIRST TRIAL

Why posture analysis is important for training?
– Reduce stress on joints
– Prevent muscle imbalances
– Cut down ligamentous tension
– Prevent circulatory occlusion

10 Benefits of Our Private Class

1.) It’s Educational physical training
– Learn the structure and correct posture of our body

2.) Ensure Exercises are performed correctly
– Adopt the correct and effective ways for your physical training

3.) Personalised plan to meet individual needs
– Ours professional trained Private Training will custom plan your training program based on your body posture and condition.

4.) Increase efficiency in your workout
– In private class, the trainer focuses only on your body condition and training. We will adjust your posture immediately throughout the workout session.

5.) Helps to achieve specific goal
– Goal setting for training program is important for effective result. Either better body posture, health improvement or a sexy body

6.) Improve mental health
– A positive mindset is the captain of a great mental health. Training with our private trainer not only improve your body health, but also encourage the student to start their training routine with a positive mind.

7.) Private massage to reduce pain
– Every private training session starts with massage, this is to ease your muscle and will help to reduce the pain and muscle stress during the training session.

8.) Work and tone specific muscle group
– Good workout means work and tone our muscle in a right and effective way, in the same time not hurting ourselves. Your training program will personalise based on your body condition, the private trainer will guide you in working or toning the specific muscle group to balance up the entire body posture and ratio.

9.) Scientific proven flow to ensure effectiveness
– The training flow was designed to achieve the effectiveness and the balance of your body, mind and soul.

10.) Rehabilitation training for injury
– Most of our body has injury, whether a “known injury” or a hidden “unknown injury”. These injuries may cause by external hurt or internal hurt due to the incorrect body posture for a long period. Our training program will help in rehabilitation for the injury.

Reward Your Body with a Great Gift of Health
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塑形类 Slimming, shaping and posture correction

Sexy booty 美臀
Glutes shaping for flat and wide butt 改善臀部大, 下垂等恼人问题

Charming legs 美腿
Legs shaping and strengthening 改善腿粗, 腿没力

Breast firming 美胸
Fix boobs sagging 改善胸部下垂, 胸外扩

Sexy back 美背
Thinning of back, fix round shoulder 改善厚背, 翼状肩胛骨, 圆肩驼背

Abs firming 炫腹
Abs slimming, create vest line 瘦肚子, 调塑马甲线, 人鱼线

Rehabilitation 康复类

1. Round back and shoulder, neck problem 圆肩, 驼背, 头前引
2. Frozen shoulder 肩周炎
3. Uneven shoulder 高低肩
4. Back pain 腰背痛
5. Spine arch straighten 脊柱过直
6. Scoliosis 脊柱侧弯
7. Pelvic imbalance 骨盆倾斜
8. Post-natal recovery 产后恢复
9. Ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder joint pain 踝,膝, 肘, 肩关节劳损, 疼痛
10. Uneven length of legs acquired 长短腿 (后天)
11. X-legged acquired X型腿 (后天性)
12. O-legged acquired O型腿 (后天性)
13. Slipped capital femoral epiphysis 股骨半脱位
14. O-shaped lower legs 小腿O


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