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We all should eat better, exercise regularly and get more sleep. We hear those three pieces of advice so often it can be easy to drown them out. But there’s a reason this advice has become so cliché: Combined, they truly can result in a healthier life, physically and mentally.

But where should you begin? We’re here to help.

Below is the best advice from The Times on ensuring that your body and mind are in top shape in 2018, whatever that means for you. Whether you’ve been trying to sleep better, establish an exercise routine or finally give your house the deep clean it deserves, we’ve got you covered.

Finally fix your sleeping hygiene

It seems like such a simple problem to fix: Get more sleep. But how? In this Times guide to getting a better night’s rest, you’ll learn how to create and maintain positive sleep habits, find a nighttime ritual that works for you, figure out when you should even be sleeping and much, much more. Read more »

Try biking to work

Yes, biking to work can be a daunting prospect. But in this simple how-to guide, we’ll teach you the rules of the road and the best ways to stay safe. Read more »

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