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Primary Causes of Obesity:

1. Poor nutrition.

2. Lack of portion control.

3. Lack of Exercise.

4. Family history of obesity.

5. Stress, depression and low self-esteem.

Negative effects of Obesity:

Your Body Is Forced to Work Harder Than It Needs To

Obesity may soon overtake smoking as the number one preventable cause of death.

More than 80% of people diagnosed with type II diabetes – which is preventable and reversible – are overweight or obese.

Weight Discrimination in the Workplace

Yale University recently conducted a study that determined workplace discrimination now occurs as often for those employees who are overweight or obese as it does for those who suffer racial discrimination; the study also showed that weight discrimination occurs more frequently than age or gender discrimination.

Researchers also determined that women who are overweight are twice are likely to experience discrimination than men who are overweight.

Loss of Sex Drive & Sexual Arousal

Obesity not only affects us emotionally and physically – your weight can affect your sexuality as well.

      • • The loss of as little as ten pounds can kick dormant sex hormones into gear.
        • During a workout, don’t forget your pelvic area. Getting the blood pumping isn’t figurative. Yoga, walking or cycling for 20 minutes, 3 times each week pumps better circulation into the genitals.

 More and more people realise the importance of being fit.

Positive Effects of Getting Fit

Losing weight leads to…

Increased confidence and self-esteem: With every weight goal you meet Greater happiness and less stress from the release of endorphins during exercise.

Proper nutrition, regular exercise and staying busy in order to avoid eating out of boredom are the first steps to taking back control and stopping the negative effects of fat in your life.

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