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Yoga Series

Vinyasa Yoga
A “Vinyasa” is a short sequence used repetitively to refresh your practice, flow through our sequence of coordinated poses to strengthen your body whilst establishing breath and mind connection with movement. You will leave feeling strong and rejuvenated.

Yoga flow
A sequence flow of movements that combine With the interaction of your breathing to your poses to brings the glow out in you and to challenge you to the next level of stamina, flexibility and strength! Sweat your stress away flow!

A fusion contemporary movements and sets to brings your joy up that works your entire body from head to toe! It’s a definite total body shape up with Arms Butt Core ( ABC)

Pilates Series

Blackroll rejuvenation
Muscle and fascia relaxation and stretching using Blackroll rollers. Leave the class feeling your muscles tension released and rejuvenated.

Sexy booty & summer legs
The ultimate bum sculptor. Expect to feel the burn as you work through a series of mat sequence exercise with the use of small Pilates equipment that tone and sculpt the glutes and slim down legs.

Fly Pilates
A series of Pilates exercise and yoga asanas performed off the mat using the hammock. Challenge your core and overall performance while elevated on air.

Circuit Pilates Machine
Dynamic circuit training which allows participants to target specific muscle groups using Pilates equipment such as Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and Swiss made Eisenhorn on rotation.

Stretch & stability
Stretch and have fun while challenge your stability and core control using the multi purpose fit ball.

BOSU Shapilates
Activation of deep core muscle to achieve slimming effect with the use of BOSU Balanced trainer and other small Pilates equipment.

Spinal freedom
Move freely and pain free. Recommended for all and especially scoliosis patients, this class is designed to help stimulate your nervous system, train the flexibility of the spine and mobility of joints with the use of spine corrector.

Fashion Pilates
Firm up, tone up, burn fat and get your cardio on with our juicy flowing sequence of Pilates movement choreographed to upbeat music.

N.G. Animal Flow
N.G. Animal Flow utilize natural gravity and your own body weight to perform ground-based movement to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing on multi-planar, fluid movements.


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